Kasachen-Oligarch: Wunsch-Österreicher schwer unter Druck

Milliarden-Krimi. Gerne wäre er Österreicher geworden: NEWS berichtete vergangene Woche über den - gescheiterten - Versuch des kasachischen Milliardärs Mukhtar Ablyazov, 2008 die österreichische Staatsbürgerschaft zu erhalten. Ablyazovs Wahlheimat wurde dann London - und dort setzt ihn die Justiz nun mächtig unter Druck. Ablyazov wird vorgeworfen, die kasachische BTA Bank über Briefkastenfirmen um Milliarden erleichtert zu haben. Nun entschied der High Court in London, Ablyazovs Anwälte müssten ihre Akten in Bezug auf Vermögenswerte ihres Mandanten offenlegen. Anwaltspapiere gelten üblicherweise als unantastbar, das Gericht vermutet jedoch eine Strategie der Verschleierung. Ablyazov selbst sitzt in Frankreich in Auslieferungshaft. Russland, die Ukraine und Kasachstan wollen ihn vor Gericht stellen. Er bestreitet alle Vorwürfe und sieht sich als politisches Opfer.

News, 14.08.2014, page 22

The European Union and Central Asia: Economic Cooperation vs. White-collar Crime

Registan today published an article on Central Asia’s oligarchs and their actions in Europe, plus implications for the European Union:

Economic cooperation between the EU member states and the Central Asian republics has expanded steadily beyond its initial focus on energy resources. But besides new perspectives in trade, the EU is also increasingly becoming the site for criminal investigations against individuals from Central Asia like Rahat Aliev, the Kazakhstani former presidential son-in-law is currently accused of not only white-collar crime, but also murder and abduction. Recent investigations by EU prosecutors into cases like the Teliasonera debacle (Uzbekistan), Maxim Bakiev’s infamous UK asylum application (Kyrgyzstan) and the Aliev and Abylazov scandals (Kazakhstan) show that Central Asia’s oligarchs take advantage of EU laws well beyond the banking system. Many former elites forced to leave their countries because of criminal actions or new political constellations now often play a new role as political refugees within the borders of the EU.More ...

Swiss prosecutors freeze Ryskaliyev's and Khrapunov's accounts in Switzerland

Bank accounts belonging to the Ryskaliyevs and the Khrapunovs in Switzerland have been frozen, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the press-service of Kazakhstan Agency for Countering Economic and Corruption Crime (financial police).

“The Federal Prosecutor’s Office of the Swiss Confederation is running a criminal investigation of the Ryskaliyevs on money laundering charges. The investigators discovered 3 accounts owned by the Ryskaliyevs and their close relatives in Swiss banks. The accounts contain significant amounts of funds exceeding 100 million Euro. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office has frozen the accounts,” the message states.More ...

Mukhtar Ablyazov, the Kazakh fugitive, found guilty of £2.6bn fraud, wanted by Russia, sued in London, finally captured in France

Fortunately for residents of this sedate village north of Cannes, the “private militia” surrounding the Kazakh billionaire – and successful UK asylum applicant – did not put up a fight as Mr Ablyazov was arrested on Wednesday in his rented villa after a Europe-wide manhunt that could have been taken from the pages of a thriller.

The 50-year-old banker appeared before a judge in Aix-en-Provence yesterday at the start of what are likely to be lengthy extradition proceedings. The list of countries that would like to get their hands on Mukhtar Ablyazov arguably make him one of the world’s most wanted men. Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia might eventually be able to try him in connection with alleged embezzlement on “an epic scale”, in the words of the British courts.More ...

Ablyazov and Offshore-Leaks

The German-speaking media working on the so-called "offshore-leaks" files, published a research on Mukhtar Ablyazov and his assets. This is a short review of the findings by German "Süddeutsche Zeitung" and Austrian "News":

British banks already had to write off billions of Euro, the High Court in London dealt with the issue: the case of Mukhtar Abljazov shows, how huge sums can be scrounged.More ...

Arrest warrant for Kazakh billionaire accused of one of world's biggest frauds

A high court judge has issued an arrest warrant for a Kazakh billionaire accused of committing one of the world's biggest ever frauds.

Mukhtar Ablyazov, who is alleged to have embezzled $5bn (£3.2bn), was found guilty of lying to the court about the scale of his vast fortune, including a £17m mansion on The Bishops Avenue, known as London's "billionaires' row". Mr Justice Teare sentenced Ablyazov to 22 months in jail for "serious" and "brazen" contempt of court in trying to hide more than £34m of assets from creditors, who claim he siphoned off billions of pounds from the Kazakh bank he used to run, BTA.More ...